Physician’s Formula Happy Boosters Blush (Natural) Repressing Tutorial

My Physician’s Formula Happy Boosters Blush in Natural suffered a fall on my hard wood floor and this is the result

I decided to repress it as I don’t like loose blushes.

I started by emptying it out on a sheet of aluminum foil.

Then I started crushing the bits with a spoon.

I got it into a fine mixture. As you can see it is clumping in a sheet when I pressed it flat. This indicated to me that this blush might have binders in it already. Nonetheless I decided to add binders just in case it didn’t.

I used MyMix clear binder (from tkb trading).

Added about 2-3 drops.

I added 91% alcohol & starting mixing with my spoon until I got a paste.

I added 91% alcohol to coat the bottom of the pan.

Then I smooshed the paste into the pan. I let it dry & did a few pressed with my fingers & a kitchen towel.

Final product 🙂

Heavy swatch on left, light swatch on right.

My thoughts: I could have skipped the binder. I think by adding the binder, it made the blush have a almost powder/creme like texture. It also made it harder to get the color to show on me. Then again it might be the perfect natural blush for fairer complexions 😀

* Blush was purchased by me

* Not affiliated with Physicians Formula