DIY Compost Trash Bin

LOL this blog is starting to go off in a tangent! 😀 In line with my DIY posts, today I am embarking on a DIY compost bin. To be honest, this is one of the things I had been wanting to do but had been putting off. Why? Google anaerobic composting. I ended up doing a chicken wire compost bin, an Ikea compost bag as well as vermicomposting (composting with worms). The chicken wire bin and ikea compost bag were unsightly and didn’t work out too well. I ended up killing all my worms. But I still wanted to compost! I am trying to garden organically and compost will be a great addition! So here it is.


32 gallon Trash bin costing about $13.

DSCF0131 DSCF0130

Start drilling holes all around (bottom and sides). Wear eye protection! I didn’t drill my lid. Some advocate drilling the lid. I chose not to so that I can control the amount of water that goes into the bin.


I bought three bricks (about $.40 each) from Menards so that my compost bin can stand on them (more air).

DSCF0135 DSCF0134

Then I transfer the compost that is ‘cooking’ in my chicken wire bin as well as in my Ikea compost bag.


Here it is completed. I will update after a few months as to how this turned out.



DIY Giant Planter without breaking the bank!

Hello everyone! I got a maple tree on sale last fall and meant to re-pot it. I have limited yard space and I much rather grow stuff that I can eat. I started looking around and all the large planter pots are expensive! So what does a gal do? Repurpose a trash can!

I started with a galvanized trash can from Lowes (about $25). I also got casters as I wanted to be able to move the planter. This is important especially after the plants get huge!


Place the caster on the bottom of the trash can. Use a sharpie pen to mark out the holes. Pre-drill. Be careful! Wear eye protection when drilling!



Use screws and nuts to hold the casters in place.


Here are all the casters attached.


Then I added epoxy to the edges to secure it further.


As you can see, the maple tree is root bound already. So just cut the bottom of the roots. Don’t worry about hurting the plant, the roots will regrow as long as you don’t cut too much.


I used coffee filters to line the bottom so my ‘soil’ doesn’t fall out!


Adding the ‘soil’. It’s not really soil. I mixed my potting media using Mel’s mix (square foot gardening).


Here is it. A giant planter that is movable and will last for many years without breaking the bank!