DIY Creme Blush Using Lipstick

For those who know me, I need a new blush like I need a hole in the head. But of course with all the spring blushes, I’m wanting more! So what does a girl do? DIY what I have in my stash!

With the dry winter, I decided I wanted a creme blush.


I started with a pink lipstick, an empty container, spatula to mix/scrap the lipstick and some aloe gel. You need alcohol to sanitize the equipment which is not pictured.

1) Sanitize the container and spatula with alcohol and wipe dry.

2) Scrap the lipstick into the container, take some aloe gel into the container.

3) Mix them.


As you can see, it was an epic fail. So I decided to try something different.


This time, I mixed some foundation and lipstick.


This time it’s much better!



Blended out, slight blending, no blending.

Perhaps this will give you crafty ideas when you’re bored 😀

Neutrogena Moisture Shine SPF 20 Lipsticks, L’Oreal Color Juice Sticks & update on Project 5 pan


After a long makeup blogging break, I finally present some swatches. I was debating on changing my blog name since I had been blogging about other stuff. Anyone knows how to do that in wordpress?

Anyway here are the swatches!

Neutrogena Moisture Shine SPF 20 Lipstick. Texture on these are fine although I did find Electric Currant drying on my lips after a few hours.

Left to right: #110 Think Pink, #250 Rum Raisin, #400 Berry Burst, #430 Pomegranate, #440 Electric Currant

L’Oreal Color Juice Sticks. I think these had been dced but have been showing up at some Dollar Trees & Big Lots. These feel more like a gloss in a stick form. You can see the shine from the picture taken with the flash!

Left to right: #460 Island Punch, # 415 Cherry Freeze, # 710 Plum Crazy

I finished my first item in Project 5 pan! Babor Body Line Thermal Hand & Nail Repair Cream. I got this from skincarerx & it’s nothing to rave about. A decent hand cream but I think Neutrogena hand cream or others do an equally good job. I do like that this absorbs really fast into my skin.

By the way, I just wanted to introduce my Angel bear! He’s been with me for years &  years & he just wanted to say hello! 😀


The best ever RAOK!

LOL wasn’t intending to post twice today but I just had to share this amazing RAOK I got in the mail today! 😀

Top row from left to right: Christian Dior Iridescent Leather quint, Dolce & Gabbana Blush in Provocative, YSL Blush Variation #16 Pink Delight

Bottom row from left to right: Cargo Eyeshadow in Yukon, Shu Uemura Gloss WN283S, Chantecaille Lipstick in Tulipe

With the exception of Cargo Yukon (which was a custom purchase), everything else is a RAOK!

I am seriously over the moon!!! I had been trying to get hold of IL ever since I heard of it. Plus I had been wanting to try the amazing D&G blushes too! & another red lipstick! 😀

A huge thank you to Cheri! 😀 I love, love, love you!!!

Will do reviews on these when I finally get around to stop gawking & use them 😀

Three Custom Color (3CC) Specialist Lipstick in Noir

I pondered upon which product I wanted to post about first & this lipstick really excited me so here it is!

Three Custom Color (3CC) Specialist Lipstick in Noir (US$21.50)

Picture of the lipstick.

Swatch pic on inner arm (NC25 Asian for ref)

This is inspired by the black matte lips that had been ruled the runways for Spring 2010. I don’t know about you but black matte lips are not something I find appealing on a everyday basis. Hence the creation of the noir lipstick & lipgloss, which is 3CC’s solution of translating the black lips off the runway.

This lipstick really reminds me of Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (will do a comparison picture at another time). On my lips, this gives me the look of a sheer plumish vampish look. Or like I ate a juicy plum & it stained my lips the same juicy purple. Definitely sexy! I can see myself wearing this with black eyeliner for a Morticia Addams look.

It has a slight sheen (as you can see from the picture with the flash) & a moisturizing feel to it. It’s also sheer which is good as you can build on the coverage. I tried blotting my lips & reapplying the lipstick but I never got to the color in the tube. Staying power is moderate.

This is also great for applying over those super bright lipsticks you will never wear to tone it down a little.

Cons: I have dry flakey lips & this did apply unevenly over those patches. However this is something I noted with almost all of my sheer lipsticks. Some might find this a little cool toned (after multiple coats) although it is supposed to work for all skintones. Another thing that bugs me is that the lipstick protrudes a little even after it is swiveled all the way down. I had to be careful when capping the lipstick to prevent nicking it. No biggie but it’s an extra step.

Conclusion: This is a wearable black lipstick that everyone should have in their arsenal 😀

* This was purchased by me & can be found on 3CC’s website

Ingredients: Castor oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, candelilla wax, lanolin, cetyl acetate, mineral oil, kaolin, ozokerite, acetylated lanolin alcohol, beeswax, carnauba, myristyl lactate, lanolin alcohol, propylparaben, BHA.  May contain:  Iron oxides, titanium dioxide, mica, fd&c aluminum lakes blue no. 1, yellow no. 5, yellow no. 6, d&c barium lake red no. 6, d&c aluminum lakes red no.6, red no. 7, red no. 21, red no. 27, d&c lake red no. 30, bismuth oxychloride.

Net Weight: .1 oz/3 g