Project 5 Pan updates

I finished a skincare product today!

It’s Silk Naturals Super Defense Serum. Silk Naturals products are highly recommended by the skin board on makeupalley. I bought a bunch of their products & I admit that I like their serums best. This serum is nice but I didn’t see any significant changes in my skin after using it. Furthermore, when the serum got older, it started getting a slight funky smell. Nonetheless I used it all as I wanted to add it to my P5P! 😀

Would I buy it again? Probably not as I really didn’t think it made a significant change to my skin.

Also I used up 5 of the sample packets that I have. However I started breaking out a little which concerned me. I don’t know which caused it as I was using sample packets of toner, cleanser & primer. I might lay off the skincare samples for now as my skin is kinda finicky.

*** Silk Naturals Super Defense Serum was purchased by me. No affiliation to any company.