My new vanity table :)

I am sorely needing a vanity table as I have been doing my makeup on my computer table. I was previously inspired by this picture (credit to NailNoob of makeupalley).

However I saw this picture again today and I got so inspired that I headed out to Home Depot to get materials to get mine going!

Starting materials

Wooden board (49″ by 24″), paint brush, sample tin of paint (primer & paint in one) and drop sheet (or something to protect your flooring).

Work in progress 🙂

Finished table!

Tada! I forgot to get varnish but I intend to varnish the top to finish this off! 😀

This is a really cheap project if you have helmers already. The board costs $8.72, the brush $6.97 and the paint $2.94 (all pre-tax).

So if you’re in the mood for a little DIY, this is a pretty easy project! 😀 Enjoy~