Decluttering the closet

Now if you are like me, you have way too many clothes that you need. In fact, most people only utilize 20% of their wardrobe. You open your wardrobe and think that you have nothing to wear. This is despite having a closet that’s bursting at the seams! So what do you do? You go back to wearing what you usually do.

There are plenty of websites out there that help you with paring down your wardrobe. Below are just some insights I got from decluttering 90% of my wardrobe. Yes……. I got rid of 90% of my wardrobe.

Here it goes πŸ™‚

1) Designate 3 boxes/bags. Donate, Fix and Undecided. I don’t have a Keep box as keepers go back into the wardrobe.

2) Donate pile gets kept in the apt for 2-4 weeks and off to Salvation Army it goes. Or donate to another organization. In fact, there are plenty of shelters that will take your used clothing. When you are weary of decluttering, think about how your clothes will go on to bless people who need it more than you do! And practice common sense, please donate clothes in conditions that you, yourself will wear. If it’s too ratty, cut it up for rags to use around the house/apt.

3) As for the fix pile, this pile tends to be small for me because a lot of the items are not worth the additional money/effort/time to fix it.

4) Undecided pile. Most advocate putting your undecided pile into a box, date it. And after 6 months, if you don’t miss what’s in it (or you can’t even remember what’s in it!), just take the box to donate. Do not open, do not pass go, head straight to the donation center! πŸ™‚ Now this method doesn’t work for me. What I do instead is to get an opinion of someone I trust. Put on a fashion show and trust your friend/significant other’s opinion!

5) Start with one category. For example, I started with jeans, then I went onto dresses, etc. This way I can see at an instant that I actually have 10 black shirts that look almost the same!

6) Trust your initial reaction when you see yourself wearing the item. I wore the item in question in front of a full length mirror (you can get a cheap version $5-$6). Then I made a quick snap decision. Often times, your first thought is the instinctive reaction you have to the item. In fact, go ahead and set aside a donation space. There will be days when you wear an item and you instinctively want to take it off immediately. Dump that item into the box and shut it.

7) Get a personal color analysis done. Remember a time when people told you,”Oh you’re a summer!”, etc? Well, personal color analysis has come a long way. I got mine done and it was the best money I had ever spent! If you are interested in learning more, check out my analyst’s page here

8) If you have expensive stuff or want to do it, you can try to get money for your clothes! Try ebay, Craiglist or consignment shops in your area.

9) Understand that this will be a work in progress. I said I got rid of 90% of my wardrobe. BUT that was done over the course of 3 years. And I am still working on it. In fact, I set aside another 10 shirts this weekend for the donation pile.

That’s it for now. Good luck in your decluttering journey!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! There are plenty of sales going on and I hope you managed to take advantage of some of them. πŸ™‚

One of the gems of advice I got over this holiday is this.

It’s better to buy 1 quality item than 10 cheap items.

Cheap items served me well when I was in college. But I often found that it breaks down fast. Over time, I realized that by spending more on a single quality piece, I was saving money over the long run and saving our planet by not filling our landfills (with broken appliances, clothes, etc).

I also got inspired to purge 41 items of clothing & 3 books!

Simplifying my phone

Although I’m done with my 31 days of simplifying my life, I’m still trying to do bits and pieces in my everyday living.

Today I tackled my phone. I started with the applications on my iphone. Anything that I haven’t touched in the past 3 months got deleted.

Next was my contacts list. This might sound ruthless but people on my phone list that I have not talked to in the last 3 years got seriously evaluated. Those friendships that I wanted to rekindle, I sent them a text message or added them to my list of friends to call. Those that I didn’t, well… those got deleted.

Now my phone list is much cleaner and filled with people whom I want to interact with πŸ™‚

Day 31 of simplifying my life – End of series

Wow! It’s been 31 days? I hope you have been enjoying reading this series. I definitely had fun in this journey of self discovery πŸ™‚

To end, I want to leave you with these tips.

1. Omit needless things. Notice this doesn’t say to omit everything. Just needless things.

2. Identify the essential. What’s most important to you? What makes you happy? What will have the highest impact on your life, your family, your career?

3. Make everything count. Whatever you do or keep in your life, make it worthy of keeping. Make it really count.

4. Fill your life with joy. Don’t just empty your life. Put something wonderful in it.

5. Finally, edit, edit and edit. Minimalism isn’t an end point. It’s a constant process of editing, revisiting, editing some more.

Have fun! πŸ˜€

Day 29 of simplifying my life – Visualization

Wow! It’s been 29 days of simplifying my life πŸ™‚ 2 more days & I’m done with my 31 days of simplifying my life series. But no worries, I’m definitely staying on track! πŸ™‚

One of the ways I stay motivated is having a vision board. I truly believe that what the mind can conceive (aka visualize), you can achieve. A vision board is one of the ways to keep me motivated on the things I want in life. I keep mine beside my computer to keep me inspired!

I also had the opportunity to visit a friend’s new pad recently & my jaw literally dropped! I’m definitely taking pictures to pin on my vision board! πŸ™‚

So as you see pictures that inspire you, cut them out & stick them on your vision board! Hopefully it will help you stay motivated to working towards a life you want!

Day 26 of simplifying my life – Minimalistic Lifestyle Part 4

Heya! Been a little busy in real life recently but I haven’t forgotten my mission. Still culling through my maybe wardrobe & I have to say, it’s been a great success with bottoms (almost 45 bottoms gone!) but not so much with tops 😦 Nonetheless I dumped the contents of one of my Ikea Malm wardrobe drawers into a clear ‘maybe’ tub & that’s going to be my upper body closet for the next month πŸ™‚

Here’s the final tip of the minimalistic lifestyle πŸ™‚

Slowly edit everything you do, with minimalist principles in mind. It’s a constant process.

Minimalistic is not an end destination. It’s an ongoing process of editing, revisiting & editing some more. Hence, have fun doing this! πŸ™‚ Pat yourself on the back everytime you manage to resist a shopping urge, managed to donate something, etc. You can do it!

Day 22 of simplifying my life – Minimalistic Lifestyle Part 2

Here’s part 2 πŸ™‚

Start cutting back on clutter and possessions.

If you have a home or office full of clutter, you’re not a minimalist yet. We want to get rid of this clutter, and it can be done in a weekend or two, or it can be done slowly over the course of weeks (remember the 15 minutes per day/timer trick?). Either is fine, but the key is to start now.

Day 21 of simplifying my life – Minimalistic Lifestyle Part 1

Wow, it’s November already! Hope that you had fun following me on this journey of 31 days of simplifying my life. Today I want to share some principles I learned from Leo at Zenhabits. You can check out his blog here.

Minimalism is something people might strive for, but they don’t know where to start. There are lots of things to do, to think about, and it can be overwhelming. Here’s where Leo recommends to start with:

Start by realizing you already have enough. This is really the key point. Being content with what you have now is important, or all the decluttering in the world won’t matter, because you’ll just want more.

Stick around for tip 2 of 4 tomorrow πŸ™‚

Day 20 of simplifying my life – Letting go of heartbreak and past hurts

We all have been hurt before. Some hurts cut much deeper than others. Some of us are still carrying around hurts that happened many years ago. I know how this feels. In fact I’m experiencing it now.

Now I want you to take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Do this for 3 deep breathes. With each exhale, allow yourself to let go of the past hurts. Say,” I forgive you (insert name here)”. Feel the tension leave your body. This might take days, months or years but one day, you will realize you managed to let it all go.

Another method is to write a letter detailing why you felt hurt. Pour out all the anger & anguish into this letter. After you finish writing this novel (I kid I kid! πŸ˜› ), take it to the sink, pull out a lighter & burn it. As you watch the letter burn, allow your hurts, anger and anguish burn away.

Allow yourself to be free. To be free of the chains of hurt, anguish and anger that binds you. Be free.