Dave Ramsey – Have you started your budget for July?

If you are in total control of your money and am in an excellent financial situation, please go on and skip this post. Otherwise, read on! 🙂


Like many people, I dread the B word. Yes, budget. To me, it’s all about restraint and a life of lack. I went on my merry way and like so many others, am now in debt. Having heard of Dave Ramsey, I decided to order his book (second hand off ebay) and start reading. I got so inspired that I made a budget for July!


You can access a free pdf on how to get started here! It’s only 23 pages and it’s worth reading. In addition, you can get free budget and cash flow forms here.


Here is my budget on a clip board at the fridge 🙂

We have a few more days till July and I urge you to create your July budget today! 🙂


This will be my cash envelope for July. As you can see, I made my budget and set aside money for various categories (Groceries, Household, Eating out, Entertainment, Personal, Clothing and Gas). You can categorize however way you want 🙂 For example, although my tab says gas, parking comes from that envelope too. As for personal, I decided to loop beauty and toiletries as well as books in there.


There comes a time when you have read all that is to know about a subject and it’s time to just do it. Plunge in. I’ll be there beside you!


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* My personal views.