Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad – Emerald Isle

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad – Emerald Isle

There will be days where I really got nothing much to say about a product. Days like these I will just do some swatch pictures & a quick review.

I want to love this. Despite my drugstore makeup purge, this quad remained with me as I moved to Chicago. I keep deluding myself that it’s working between the two of us. However I have to be honest. This is meh on me. Staying power is low to average even over Urban Decay Potion Primer (UDPP). Faded on me after six hours. Pigmentation is average over UDPP. Low without a primer.

The two colors on the right are so pretty! Which is why I kept the quad for so long. I simply don’t have a similar dupe for those at the moment. Or maybe I do & just haven’t gotten to them yet.

Conclusion: I want to keep this as this is my only pure green color palette. However, the quality is really not worth it for me. This is going into the purge pile.

* Purchased by myself. Not sure if this is discontinued but I have seen these on eBay.

Ingredients: Too tiny to be seen without a magnifying glass. I took a pic for the sake of my eyes 😛

Net Weight: .17 oz/ 4.8 g