What is your monthly grocery bill? USDA Food Costs and how do you compare?

About a week ago, I was agonizing about my budget for groceries. I cook from scratch and my family’s philosophy is that you don’t scrimp on food. Afterall, it’s always going to be cheaper than eating out!

While the latter is true, I intend to trim my food expenses until my finances are in good shape. So I looked over my expenses for the last 5 months and set what I thought was appropriate and doable.

Then I came across this article today and thought it might help you in planning your food budget for July! 😀

USDA Food Cost for May 2013

If you’re interested to see previous year’s numbers, you can access the link here.

Previous USDA Food Costs

I went back and looked at the year so far and this was how it was:

Jan: Liberal

Feb: Liberal

Mar: Under low cost

Apr: Under thrifty

May: Liberal

Looks like for the most part, I am on the liberal side for groceries. And I planned for a number that is fairly close to the low cost plan for July prior to seeing this data. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Have you budgeted for July? If yes, how will seeing this change your figures?

If you haven’t budget for July, here are some of my thoughts.

– Don’t set yourself up for failure. Set a number that is realistic and yet stretch your restraint.

– Consider the envelope system for your grocery money and keep to a figure per week.

– Meal planning. The hardest part is starting. Once you have a system going, it will get easier.

Good luck!