Simplifying my phone

Although I’m done with my 31 days of simplifying my life, I’m still trying to do bits and pieces in my everyday living.

Today I tackled my phone. I started with the applications on my iphone. Anything that I haven’t touched in the past 3 months got deleted.

Next was my contacts list. This might sound ruthless but people on my phone list that I have not talked to in the last 3 years got seriously evaluated. Those friendships that I wanted to rekindle, I sent them a text message or added them to my list of friends to call. Those that I didn’t, well… those got deleted.

Now my phone list is much cleaner and filled with people whom I want to interact with 🙂

Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish – The Naughty Intern

Today I bring Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish in The Naughty Intern. Interesting name 😀 I wonder what type of intern will wear deep red nail polish 😉

I did some work so the nail polish shows some tip wear despite me applying this just last night.

2 coats with poshe top coat.

This is a basic red creme with a brownish tint to it. It’s nice & opaque in 2 coats & application was easy & smooth.

A keeper for me! 😀

You can buy this from Diamond Cosmetics’ website here.

*** Not affiliated with Diamond Cosmetics & the above nail polish was purchased by myself.


OPI Absolutely Alice Franken Dupe

Before I start, in case you didn’t know, I’m doing a blog sale of the elusive Clarins 230 nail polish here. Do check it out 😀

OPI Absolutely Alice is one of my favourite blue glitters. However this was limited edition and is starting to become hard to find color. When I saw someone use this recipe, I had to give it a try!

Try guessing which was my franken & which was OPI Absolutely Alice 😀


Answer: The one on top in the first 3 pictures (left in the last picture) is OPI Absolutely Alice.

Pretty close in my opinion! 😀

I used the LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art nail polishes (skinny bottles with thin brushes) in blue & gold. It is an estimated 8:2 or 9:1 ration of blue to gold. I just poured without measuring so this is an estimate. 😀

So for those of you who missed out on OPI Absolutely Alice, this is a cheap way to get something similar for alot less!

*** I purchased all polishes shown.

*** You can find Art Deco nail polish at the Dollar Tree in most areas.

Happy Halloween? Orange with Black Glitter Nail Polish

As Halloween approaches, I’m undecided as to what nail polish I wanted to wear for that day. Black glitter seems to be gathering a fair amount of interest so I figured I’ll franken a orange nail polish with black glitter!

Here is the result



This is 2 coats of the nail polish with no top coat.

I used Wet & Wild Mango Madness, Orly Old School Orange & black glitter.

What do you think?

** All these nail polish were purchased by me.