Reviving a dried out gel eyeliner using Argan Oil

Someone asked me about this & I figured I’ll make a quick tutorial πŸ™‚

Sometimes, despite our best efforts (making sure the lid is tight, storing it upside down), the liner still dries out fast. I had this problem with Makeup Forever (MUFE), Stila, Physician’s Formula (PF), etc. So what to do? Most reviving tutorials online recommend using glycerin, distilled water or eye drops to revive your dried up liner. Me? I got this amazing tip from my sensei, Olivia142 (read her wonderful blog here)

The tip? It’s

Use Argan oil.

This is a picture of my dried our Stila smudgepot. See how the edges have peeled away & it looks like a black cake? πŸ˜€

Add a few drops of argan oil. I buy mine from lotioncrafters. It’s $5.50 for 0.5 oz of virgin organic argan oil (buy here). You can get those elsewhere as well but make sure it’s 100% pure argan oil.

Mixing it. I use a clean orange stick. I mix & swatch. If I’m not satisfied with the creaminess, I add 1 more drop of argan oil and mix. Remember, less is more! Better to start with less and add more.

Final product. It’s not pretty πŸ˜›

I revived another liner & you can see the difference for yourself. I personally prefer using the argan oil over glycerin as it makes it a much smoother cream.

Again I might be biased but I think the mixture with argan oil seems more intense.

Here’s the end of the tutorial. I hope this helps!

P.S. You can do this with creme shadows as well.

*Not affiliated with any companies and all products were purchased by me.

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! There are plenty of sales going on and I hope you managed to take advantage of some of them. πŸ™‚

One of the gems of advice I got over this holiday is this.

It’s better to buy 1 quality item than 10 cheap items.

Cheap items served me well when I was in college. But I often found that it breaks down fast. Over time, I realized that by spending more on a single quality piece, I was saving money over the long run and saving our planet by not filling our landfills (with broken appliances, clothes, etc).

I also got inspired to purge 41 items of clothing & 3 books!

Simplifying my phone

Although I’m done with my 31 days of simplifying my life, I’m still trying to do bits and pieces in my everyday living.

Today I tackled my phone. I started with the applications on my iphone. Anything that I haven’t touched in the past 3 months got deleted.

Next was my contacts list. This might sound ruthless but people on my phone list that I have not talked to in the last 3 years got seriously evaluated. Those friendships that I wanted to rekindle, I sent them a text message or added them to my list of friends to call. Those that I didn’t, well… those got deleted.

Now my phone list is much cleaner and filled with people whom I want to interact with πŸ™‚

Physician’s Formula Happy Boosters Blush (Natural) Repressing Tutorial

My Physician’s Formula Happy Boosters Blush in Natural suffered a fall on my hard wood floor and this is the result

I decided to repress it as I don’t like loose blushes.

I started by emptying it out on a sheet of aluminum foil.

Then I started crushing the bits with a spoon.

I got it into a fine mixture. As you can see it is clumping in a sheet when I pressed it flat. This indicated to me that this blush might have binders in it already. Nonetheless I decided to add binders just in case it didn’t.

I used MyMix clear binder (from tkb trading).

Added about 2-3 drops.

I added 91% alcohol & starting mixing with my spoon until I got a paste.

I added 91% alcohol to coat the bottom of the pan.

Then I smooshed the paste into the pan. I let it dry & did a few pressed with my fingers & a kitchen towel.

Final product πŸ™‚

Heavy swatch on left, light swatch on right.

My thoughts: I could have skipped the binder. I think by adding the binder, it made the blush have a almost powder/creme like texture. It also made it harder to get the color to show on me. Then again it might be the perfect natural blush for fairer complexions πŸ˜€

* Blush was purchased by me

* Not affiliated with Physicians Formula

Temptu Pro 50% Off Sale

Tis the season of sales so be strong if you’re on the minimalist path! πŸ™‚

50% Off all Temptu Pro products in stock at cameareadycosmetics for one day only. Sale starts atΒ 10am Pacific Coast time on Tuesday November 15th 2011. The sale ends November 16th 2011 at 10am. No code needed.


Olivia142 has done some amazing reviews on her blog


Have fun!

*Not affiliated with CRC

NARS $50 for $80 of Cosmetics and Makeup Application

Gilt City has a deal today for $50 for $80 worth of credit to use online at


It’s a great deal & perfect for picking up the holiday collections. If you’re new to Gilt City, I can email you an invitation and you’ll get 20% off your first purchase! Or you can sign up using this LINK.

Fine print:

Voucher must be redeemed in full in one purchase.

Redeem by February 14, 2012

Have fun shopping for Christmas gifts! πŸ™‚