Comparisons between Eyelash Curlers – Shu Uemura, Shiseido and Kevyn Aucoin

I often see people asking about the curvatures of various eyelash curlers and figured I’ll do a post comparing them.

Group picture (Left to right)
Kevyn Aucoin, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Shu Uemura (Gold Limited Edition)

Shu Uemura on top , Shiseido below.

Kevyn Aucoin on top, Shu Uemura below.

Kevyn Aucoin on top, Shiseido below.

My thoughts: I think Shiseido and Kevyn Aucoin are closer if not identical in shape. That also makes them both flatter than Shu Uemura. So which is better? It will depend on your eye shape.

Hope this post helps!

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Shu Uemura Spring / Summer 2013 Collection Blossom Dream

Shu Uemura Spring / Summer 2013 Collection Blossom Dream by Yuji Asano

I finally got my hands on some of the Spring Collection after a wonderful Valentines’ Day promotion where they gave the Travel Palette as a gift with purchase (over $100).



Swatch of the Unmask Palette Pink

Swatch of P Soft Pink 324 (left) & P Soft Coral 332 (right)

I’m not a huge fan of the Unmask Palette Pink as the brown seemed off on me as it has a reddish tone. I’m still undecided on the blushes as they are very subtle. So subtle that I wonder if I should keep them 🙂

So here you are… swatches on NC25 skin if you’re wondering about the Shu Uemura Spring 2013 Collection.

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Stilazzi 40% Off President’s Day Sale Starting Today til Monday

I got this email from Stilazzi and totally cracked up.



Stilazzi is having their President’s Day 40% Sale starting today til Monday. No times were stated on the email so don’t wait till the last minute to order if you want something. Not everything is on sale but when you head to their website, you can see the items that are marked down. I love how they put the sale price so I don’t have to whip out my calculator or wait till checkout to see the sale subtotal. 🙂

Now off to see if they have a portable lip brush!

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Another Beauty Box? Mystery Beauty Box

So many boxes, so little money. For so long, I stayed away from the hype of beauty boxes. I tell myself, it’s better to just put the money towards an item that I will actually love instead of a box that might be filled with crap. Or things that are useless to me.

But I opened the floodgates by subscribing to Starlooks Starbox for Feb 2013 to support my dear friend, the wonderful, beautiful and talented Lauren Clark. Then what did I get in my email box this morning?


I have ben getting consistantly great service from (with the exception of an issue with an order this month which they rectified). I ordered this morning and can’t wait to receive this box. Wish me luck! 😀

* Purchased with my hard earned money and am not affiliated with, and

Battle of the Makeup Cleansers – Lush UltraBland vs Shu Uemura A/O Cleansing Oil

First up, we have the contestants 🙂

Inglot Matte Eyeliner Gel in #74

After 10 seconds of massaging.

The Shu Uemura cleanser got an additional 10 seconds to emulsify and wash off. The Lush cleanser was supposed to be wiped off with a wet cotton pad.

As you can see, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is the clear winner in this round! 🙂