Duochrome Franken Attempt – Blue & Green

A number of you might have been seduced into buying Orly’s new Cosmix Collection. I know I am 😀 One of the winners in that collection is Space Cadet. It’s a duochrome that flashes purple & green on me. Some have reported it flashing gold on them.

Anyway, I always wanted a nail polish that flashes blue, green & purple. I think Ozotics (from Australia) might have something like that. I’m in the midst of negotiating a swap for that. Once I succeed, I’ll post it here 😀

Back to the topic. I got antsy & I decided to try & franken one myself.

This is what I began with.


60% New York Summer Hot Sky Blue
40% clear non quick dry tc (any clear polish will work)
TKB Trading travel to earth pigment

I mixed approx 1/3 full (I don’t have any empty small bottles) of polish & added abt a 1/3 tsp of pigment & 2 ballz & start shaking like mad! 😀

This is the result.

As you can see, this is a blue that flashes green with a tiny (you can almost miss it) purple. 😀 Enjoy~

* All supplies were purchased by me.