Reviving a dried out gel eyeliner using Argan Oil

Someone asked me about this & I figured I’ll make a quick tutorial 🙂

Sometimes, despite our best efforts (making sure the lid is tight, storing it upside down), the liner still dries out fast. I had this problem with Makeup Forever (MUFE), Stila, Physician’s Formula (PF), etc. So what to do? Most reviving tutorials online recommend using glycerin, distilled water or eye drops to revive your dried up liner. Me? I got this amazing tip from my sensei, Olivia142 (read her wonderful blog here)

The tip? It’s

Use Argan oil.

This is a picture of my dried our Stila smudgepot. See how the edges have peeled away & it looks like a black cake? 😀

Add a few drops of argan oil. I buy mine from lotioncrafters. It’s $5.50 for 0.5 oz of virgin organic argan oil (buy here). You can get those elsewhere as well but make sure it’s 100% pure argan oil.

Mixing it. I use a clean orange stick. I mix & swatch. If I’m not satisfied with the creaminess, I add 1 more drop of argan oil and mix. Remember, less is more! Better to start with less and add more.

Final product. It’s not pretty 😛

I revived another liner & you can see the difference for yourself. I personally prefer using the argan oil over glycerin as it makes it a much smoother cream.

Again I might be biased but I think the mixture with argan oil seems more intense.

Here’s the end of the tutorial. I hope this helps!

P.S. You can do this with creme shadows as well.

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