Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish – Cherry Tobacco

Today, February 4, 2011, is National Wear Red Day in support for women’s heart disease awareness. I decided to do a red nail despite me sporting one yesterday. Today I bring a deep darkened red.

One coat with poshe top coat.

You can see the gorgeous red shimmer in the picture. This is a one coater! Yes that is one coat on my nails! 😀 Definitely a keeper in my books. 😀

Edit: This polish chipped on me in less than 8 hours after application.

*** The above polish was purchased by myself & I have no affiliation to Diamond Cosmetics. You can buy Diamond Cosmetics here.

Diamond Cosmetics Baby Bloom Nail Polish

Sorry in advance. I consider myself a newbie in nail polish application & I was tempted to skip this post. However I said I will do the challenge & so here is it.

Excuse the horrid lighting. Was busy & only just changed my manicure. However I dislike this color on me so much that I decided to just take the pictures under dismal lighting than to keep this on longer. Yes, I dislike it that much. Pictures speak a thousand words so here they are.

Diamond Cosmetics Baby Bloom Nail Polish

All three coats of nail polish with top coat over. The middle finger has 3 coats over China Glaze Glimpse (as ‘underwear’).

As you can see, this nail polish is very sheer. Even at 3 coats you can still see VNL (visible nail line). It does have a pretty pink shimmer that you can see in the last picture. Nonetheless sheer nail polish and me are like oil & water. This will definitely go into my purge pile.

*** The above nail polish was purchased by myself & I am not affiliated with Diamond Cosmetics.

Challenge to myself & swatches of Diamond Cosmetics Giddy Nail Polish

As the few who read my blog might know, I have recently been really into nail polish. As such, I’m starting to accumulate to a point where the untrieds are getting to an alarming amount. As such, I decided to give myself a challenge. I am going to do a brand per month. In fact, I might do that with my makeup starting next month 😀

Back to nail polish, the brand I choose this month is Diamond Cosmetics. This is a relatively low key brand that also produces private label cosmetics. This means that they can print your name on the nail polish that they produce. In fact some bloggers had pointed out that a certain brand had dupes in Diamond Cosmetics. Anyway that’s a story for another day.

Today I bring you Diamond Cosmetics – Giddy. This is a pastel blue that appears almost off white with a blue tint on me. Application is smooth & opaque in 2 coats.

2 coats & with top coat.

I don’t know if I like this color on me. It looks very similar to Revlon Top Speed in Cloud & Sally’s Girl Periwinkle which I will compare on another day. What do you think? Keep or purge?

*** The nail polish shown is purchased by myself.

*** Not affiliated to Diamond Cosmetics. You can buy their stuff here.

Crazed Expression Colored Crackle Nail Polish!!!!!

So I went to one of my favourite nail places to shop today & guess what I found?! Colored crackle nail polish!!! According to the store owner, they have 24 shades in total! That’s 23 shades more than OPI’s black shatter & 18 shades more than China Glaze’s upcoming 6 shades crackle collection!

Here is a picture of the display

Here is a sample swatch palette

I tried my best to take the best pictures with my iphone but times like this…… I wished I have the iphone 4 already. Oh well.

The brand is Crazed Expression & they are supposed to have a website http://www.crazedexpression.com. However I went to that website & it’s not even up yet! So either this is a super new brand on the market or the marketing dept needs to get going 😛

Size is relatively tiny at 0.3 oz. Just for comparison, OPI & China Glaze are both 0.5 oz so this is only 60% of the size. It’s also relatively expensive at almost US$10 (inclusive of tax) for the bottle. However I couldn’t resist! Colored crackle! 😀

Here is a blurry iphone picture of the green crackle over China Glaze Pelican Grey on my pinky

I wore it as a pinky mani without top coat & it still looks good 8 hours later! 😀 I’m impressed! I think I’m heading back to get more 😀

*** Not affiliated with the company. The nail polishes were purchased by myself.

Comparison pictures of China Glaze Starboard with other greens

LOL Maybe my blog should be named beautyandme instead? Been focusing quite a bit on nail polish recently. However I still love my makeup and am starting to buy makeup again 😀 Will post pictures when I get inspired again.

I got 3 nail polishes from the China Glaze Anchors Away Collection 2011. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. With Anchors Away, Tronica & Crackles Collection, China Glaze is starting to feel a little MAC-ish. Especially since they limited the supply of Tronica to only Cosmoprof & Sally’s Beauty. Anyway on with the swatches! 😀 All were done with 2 coats (except Essie which needed 3) & I used a top coat on top.

I think the names are pretty much self explanatory on the pictures 😀 Been trying out the popsicle stick system as opposed to the nail wheels system & I think I like this better for now. It’s definitely easier to take comparison pictures! 😀

Hope this post helped you 😀

*** All the above nail polishes were purchased by myself.

China Glaze Anchors Away Swatches

I only got three from this collection as I’m trying to be good 😀 Without any further ado, on with the pictures!

From left to right:

Below Deck, Starboard, First Mate

All were two coats without top coat. Starboard seems a little thin but was fine with the second coat. Below Deck is an amazing one coater! First Mate could possibly work with one thick coat but two coats would be perfect!

When I was swatching Below Deck, I was thinking how similar it seems to OPI Parlez-vous OPI?

Please excuse the bumps as I was swatching in a hurry.
Left to right:

OPI Parlez-vous OPI?, China Glaze Below Deck

Hope this helps!

*** All nail polishes featured were purchased by myself.

Essie Smokin’ Hot & other comparisons

Wow! I thought I posted this already & apparently I didn’t!

All swatches were 2 coats with no top coat.

Pic with no flash

Pic with flash

Close up pic with flash to show differences

Left to right
Essie Smokin’ Hot, Nina Never Glum Plum, OPI You don’t know Jacques!, Avon Nocturnal, Essie Hot Coco.

Hope this helps you! 😀

*** All the nail polishes were purchased by myself