DIY Bird Bath

Recently I had been on a huge DIY kick so I decided to do a DIY birdbath. I have all the materials already so I can only give an estimate cost.


Start with a plate and bowl that I got from Ikea (about $1.25 for set of 4 bowls/plates).



Use epoxy to secure the bowl to the plate. Spent about $1.50 on the epoxy.


Stick the bowl to the plate. I weighed it down with a bowl to allow it to cure. Total cure time is 24 hours but I was impatient and only allowed 15 mins cure time.


Added some blue floral rocks to weigh down the plastic bowl and plate. Got the blue rocks from dollar tree.


Set the bird bath on electric conduit that I spray painted black (electric conduit is about $2 for 10 ft, spray paint about $4.50).

There you go. I’m still not sure if the bird bath is weighted enough to withstand strong winds. I might end up gluing the bird bath to the conduit. We’ll see.






2 thoughts on “DIY Bird Bath

  1. What a great idea! I would make one myself but the birds that bathe aren’t civilized at all, more like wild cowboy birds bathing!

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