Day 26 of simplifying my life – Minimalistic Lifestyle Part 4

Heya! Been a little busy in real life recently but I haven’t forgotten my mission. Still culling through my maybe wardrobe & I have to say, it’s been a great success with bottoms (almost 45 bottoms gone!) but not so much with tops 😦 Nonetheless I dumped the contents of one of my Ikea Malm wardrobe drawers into a clear ‘maybe’ tub & that’s going to be my upper body closet for the next month 🙂

Here’s the final tip of the minimalistic lifestyle 🙂

Slowly edit everything you do, with minimalist principles in mind. It’s a constant process.

Minimalistic is not an end destination. It’s an ongoing process of editing, revisiting & editing some more. Hence, have fun doing this! 🙂 Pat yourself on the back everytime you manage to resist a shopping urge, managed to donate something, etc. You can do it!


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