Day 11 of simplifying my life – Addictions

I had a conversation a while ago with a friend regarding coffee. For those who know me, I think coffee is the elixir of life! I love it & drink it everyday. In fact, I even have an espresso machine at home! Anyway, we were chatting & he shared that he has never drank coffee before. I was shocked! He went on to say that he deliberately stays away from coffee so he has this mini claim to fame of never ever drinking coffee. He went on to comment that I’m addicted to coffee. Obviously I brushed him off 😛

For some reason, that conversation stuck in my brain. I realized that I am drinking 4 cups of regular size espresso coffee everyday. Yes you read that right. Every day. I also realized that I have a coffee addiction. So I decided to quit cold turkey. A few days after I quit, I got struck by this illness from hell which took me 3 weeks to recover. Nonetheless I’m pretty sure that 30% of my illness misery was due to the caffeine withdrawals I was having from quitting coffee.

I’m happy to report that counting today, I’m 35 days free from coffee.

What addictions in your life are you not realizing? Maybe it’s time to take a look and do something about it. 🙂


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