Day 1 of juice fast

So I prepped last night by drinking a laxative tea. This is not within the menu plan from jointhereboot website. However, from previous experiences in doing the Master Cleanse, it’s very important to make sure that as you cleanse internally, things are getting *coughs* flushed out of your body as well 🙂

So I wake up and drink a glass of water with lemon juice (half a lemon). Then I spent 15 mins prepping, juicing the vegetables, fruits and cleaning the juicer.

This morning’s juice consists of celery, carrots, cabbage, pear, apples, and lemon.

On my way to work, I started thinking about food when I drove past a restaurant. You don’t realize how much you think about food until you can’t eat it.

So I lasted on a Nalgene bottle of the juice all through the afternoon. When I got home from work, I made another batch of juice. This time it’s pear, cantaloupe, leek, spinach, cucumber and beet. It’s an utter fail. The leek literally made me gag. I added 2 apples and it still stings my eyes going down. I ended up using an entire cantaloupe and it’s still crappy. Note to self: no more leeks in my juice.

I ended up being so hungry and disgusted by the juice that I went out and got myself a roast duck rice dinner.

Conclusion: Juice fast fail. Considering that I have a fridge full of fruits and veggies, I intend to continue juicing. But I think dinner is my indulgence 🙂

Also I conclude I’m addicted to coffee. Not having that cup of coffee = headache all day!


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