Diamond Cosmetics Baby Bloom Nail Polish

Sorry in advance. I consider myself a newbie in nail polish application & I was tempted to skip this post. However I said I will do the challenge & so here is it.

Excuse the horrid lighting. Was busy & only just changed my manicure. However I dislike this color on me so much that I decided to just take the pictures under dismal lighting than to keep this on longer. Yes, I dislike it that much. Pictures speak a thousand words so here they are.

Diamond Cosmetics Baby Bloom Nail Polish

All three coats of nail polish with top coat over. The middle finger has 3 coats over China Glaze Glimpse (as ‘underwear’).

As you can see, this nail polish is very sheer. Even at 3 coats you can still see VNL (visible nail line). It does have a pretty pink shimmer that you can see in the last picture. Nonetheless sheer nail polish and me are like oil & water. This will definitely go into my purge pile.

*** The above nail polish was purchased by myself & I am not affiliated with Diamond Cosmetics.


2 thoughts on “Diamond Cosmetics Baby Bloom Nail Polish

  1. nice color for the summer. I have something similar okay maybe only in sheerness in NARS. It brings out the liver diseased looking yellow in my hands. Like I said good only in summer!

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