Crazed Expression Colored Crackle Nail Polish!!!!!

So I went to one of my favourite nail places to shop today & guess what I found?! Colored crackle nail polish!!! According to the store owner, they have 24 shades in total! That’s 23 shades more than OPI’s black shatter & 18 shades more than China Glaze’s upcoming 6 shades crackle collection!

Here is a picture of the display

Here is a sample swatch palette

I tried my best to take the best pictures with my iphone but times like this…… I wished I have the iphone 4 already. Oh well.

The brand is Crazed Expression & they are supposed to have a website However I went to that website & it’s not even up yet! So either this is a super new brand on the market or the marketing dept needs to get going 😛

Size is relatively tiny at 0.3 oz. Just for comparison, OPI & China Glaze are both 0.5 oz so this is only 60% of the size. It’s also relatively expensive at almost US$10 (inclusive of tax) for the bottle. However I couldn’t resist! Colored crackle! 😀

Here is a blurry iphone picture of the green crackle over China Glaze Pelican Grey on my pinky

I wore it as a pinky mani without top coat & it still looks good 8 hours later! 😀 I’m impressed! I think I’m heading back to get more 😀

*** Not affiliated with the company. The nail polishes were purchased by myself.


8 thoughts on “Crazed Expression Colored Crackle Nail Polish!!!!!

    • LOL I’m not that active of a blogger so not surprised you didn’t know abt me 😀 Wow! That’s alot cheaper than mine! I wonder I got overcharged because they saw how excited I was at seeing them! XD

  1. I paid $12 for my bottle of crazed expressions, I got it at my Nail Salon . Is there anywhere online that I could order this polish . I absolutely love this polish, I’m a nail diva ! lol

    • As far as I know the website is still non functional. My local beauty supply will sell it for cheaper but only if I do a bulk order 😦 I will let you know if I do find something online 🙂

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