Shu Uemura 2010 Fall/Winter

Got an email with the latest Shu Uemura promotion code this morning. That’s how I discovered Shu’s Fall/Winter 2010 palettes.

I don’t really follow the major blogs so I haven’t seen the pictures of Shu fall till this morning.

This palette has my name all over it. The purples! I have a thing for purple shadow & this palette will only be made perfect if they swapped out that grey shadow for a taupe shadow!

This palette doesn’t excite me as much although I wonder if that is a taupe on the right. Colors on screen don’t always correspond to colors in real life or on you so hmmm….

This lashes do not appeal to me at all. Much prefer some of the previous collection lashes like the marine blue lashes *gasp*

As you can see, the current promotion is that with any purchase of $50 or more, you can receive a deluxe 2 piece set with code FALLTREND while supplies last.

Knowing me, I’ll waffle over this for a little bit more. Current need is to get more z palettes 😀 You’ll see why in the next post 😀


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